Broadleaf weeds are generally the easiest weeds to identify. They have wide, flat leaves situated on a stem and are generally produced in pairs or multiples. They are distinctive from, and not closely related to, grasses and sedges. Broadleaf leaves are simple (having one leaflet like dandelions) or compound (having more than one leaflet like clover). Veins within the leaf give a netted appearance in most cases.

Broadleaf weed control

A dense, healthy stand of grass is the best way to reduce broadleaf weeds in lawns. To achieve a healthy lawn, plant the best-adapted turfgrass species and use accepted turf management practices. Even with proper management, troublesome broadleaf weeds can still invade the best-maintained lawns. These may require the careful and selective use of broadleaf weed control herbicides.

Common broadleaf weeds:

Weed Chart

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